Bricco’s Famous Grape Pie – Try it On Your Next Visit!

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Bricco’s Grape Pie has been a favorite of our loyal patrons for years.  Try it next time you stop in for lunch or dinner, you won’t be disappointed! Here’s how the recipe came to be….

Owner Nino Catuogno had purchased Moscato grapes to enjoy with cheese initially…

2 weeks later the grapes were never eaten. As they rested in the refrigerator, resembling more like ripened raisins than grapes, Nino born the idea of Bricco Restaurant’s famous Grape Pie.

He simmered Moscato grapes with zests of orange and lemon, cointreau, grand marnier and brown sugar, then tucked the delicate mixture into a family known homemade crust recipe.

To this day, Grape Pie is a client requested standout favorite.